Delphine Delchambre

I had the pleasure and privilege to enjoy a few months of coaching sessions with Veeke and meet an empathic guide, listening ear, wise adviser and beautiful friend along the way.

My coaching sessions with Veeke took me from a lifelong journey of floating on the surface and maybe sometimes taking a little dip under water to really daring to dive in deep, deep into the realms of my subconsciousness. Our sessions brought me to insights that have changed my life forever and granted me tools that will last me, well, forever ;-) Veeke is a trustworthy, gentle, de-light-ful(l) soul full of wisdom. Someone who will listen without judging, but isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. A truth that will only guide you closer to yourself.

I am forever grateful to this great mentor who has transformed into a soul sister along the way and recommend everyone who dares to face the confrontation with the Self and is up for a deep and spiritual journey, to trust in Veeke. She is more than worth it!