Meditation is Living Your Life from the Inside Out!

Meditation is the art of connecting to your Higher Self and plugging into the Source.  It is choosing the right thoughts, filled with high quality energy. Connecting to your inner silence and giving you clarity in the present moment. It is releasing your inner potential and make real change happen. Create health, wealth and happiness with the power of meditation!





Why meditation?

Are you tired, looking for more energy?
Do you need to calm down?
Do you want a better health?
Are you ready for more insights?
Do you want to master your mind?
Do you want to enjoy your life and find yourself?


Here is the good news!

Meditation is an easy, effortless practice that anyone can learn.
It can be learned immediately, so to experience the benefits of meditation in every area of your life!
The many and amazing benefits of meditation are known since thousands of years... It is an ancient yet very modern art!


How to meditate?

Not sure how to begin? 
Did you try a meditation practice before and stopped because you are too busy, tired or frustrated... ?

There are indeed good websites on meditation, but nothing compares to meditate in a group, with a certified and experienced teacher.
I teach techniques, give you the necessary knowledge and guide meditations. 

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Raja Yoga Meditation

This specific open-eyed meditation suggest viewing the point of light image in front of you. When you experiment with open eyed meditation, it will bring you the clarity and power of meditation into your daily activity as well as integrating peace and tranquility into your busy life. 


Raja Yoga Meditation inspires your spiritual growth
and consists of different classes:

Positive thinking course


Inner Leadership

Full Raja Yoga course

Weekly group classes

One to one sessions or reservations for groups are also possible. 


Our meditation classes are based on a free, respectable donation.