How meditation changed
my life.

As I grew up in the seventies, a period of change and newness, I discovered spirituality and I started to meditate when I was nineteen. This was the beginning of my journey towards self discovery and enlightment. As every hero’s journey, I was tested on the path and surely met my dragons and challenges. This path is not straight but full of adventure. I had to go deep to unravel illusion, false identities and wrong believes, to finally release my true potential.

During this awakening I became a student and then a teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation. Also studying C.G. Jung for many years deepened my inner quest, helped me face fears and find courage to love every aspect of my individuality.



Travelling the world

Being a seeker I also wanted to travel the world. Travelling for one year in India in 1980 was a magical experience and a big imprint in my life.
I returned many times to that amazing continent. Among other countries, Morocco became one of my favourite destinations.
Living more than one year in Essaouira in the ninetees was great fun and life-changing!




Fashion career

To finance my way of life, I started doing jobs as a model in fashion. I began as a freelance inspired by an atmosphere of creativity, beauty, newness and modernity… It was also the start of some world known Belgian fashion designers, some of them already being my friend since childhood. I soon became specialised in sales and worked in famous shops in Brussels. My thriving performance in high fashion finally brought me to become the responsable manager of the flagshipstore of my friends  Ann Demeulemeester and Patrick Robyn in Antwerp. As a buyer of the collections I also traveled  often to Paris, where I discovered and enjoyed the Paris fashion scene. I did the running of this well-known fashionstore for almost fifteen years very succesfully!


How to stay balanced

Meanwhile I stayed loyal to my inner calling, and in my free time I continued my spiritual practice, followed many retreats and workshops, always learning and studying, being my main values! Meditation, yoga, personal development and a healthy lifestyle helped me cope with the stress and the fast changing fashion world which soon became a real industry. This career surely learned me taking full responsability and leading a team beyond just selling clothes!




Back from outside to inside

Finally I was ready to take the jump out of the fashion world to follow my dream of guiding and mentoring people in their transformation process. I kickstarted my next career with an Energy4life Coach Training with Shola Arewa in Glastonbury Uk, making me a certified Energy4life Wellness Coach. After that I participated in the intense Basic Training “Inspiring Coaching” with Jef Clement. Adding many workshops, international retreats and a daily practice of Raja Yoga Meditation since 38 years! And a lifetime study around (self) leadership, authenticity, energy, raw food and holistic wellbeing.



Transforming lives

Having transformed my own life, today I help my clients, who are experiencing their own crossroads, realise they can also re-create and give new meaning to their life. Learning them to listen to their inner voice and calling, so they can feel happier and fulfilled. My compassion, free mind, life experience, spiritual insight and health vision give my clients the space they need to enhance their life. My coaching work is very effective and I feel very proud with the positive empowering changes and great results I see in “my people”!


Free Intake

If you feel yourself to be at a crossroad in your life, if you are looking for your higher purpose,
if you are in doubt and want positive change, or just more energy and enthusiasm,
please do contact me for a free intake.

I will be happy to meet you and welcome you with a tasty smoothie!

With love, Veeke




Spiritual Life Coach Training
(Awakened Academy | US)

Energy4life Wellnes Coach
(Caroline Shola Arewa | UK)

Inspiring Coaching
(Jef Clement | Belgium)

SML Self Managing Leadership Training
(Oxford Leadership Academy | UK)

Jungian Psychology
(Karen Hamaecker | NL)

Teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation & Personal Development
(BKWSU | India - UK)

And many more trainings, retreats, workshops, self-study etc. ...